Lesson Plans

This post by Susan clearly outlines what I think about lesson plans from the START. Since beginning prac I have always found that lesson plans do not help me, while i create them on PRAC to keep my mentor/lecturers happy I have never used them while in the lesson as a guide. I feel prepared enough without having to write everything down on a piece of paper. I am greatly looking forward to my first day of teaching where I can plan my lessons how I please and not have to present it to anyone!


Internet = Easy

While searching through EDC3100 blogs I came across this blog by Tess regarding putting assessment online and through blogs. Tess explains that she constantly has people messaging her regarding assessment because of her high GPA and I feel for her. I can’t say that I go through the same thing due to studying online however I have seen on several FB groups, uni forums etc where people share assignments. While I am all for working together and assisting each other, I feel there comes a point where adults need to be responsible for their own learning. I often wonder how much sister went through uni years and years ago WITHOUT the internet resources we have available now. The internet, while VERY helpful for those doing the right thing can also aid the lazy students in finding easy ways out.

Ipad Class

While reading Tiong’s blog on the history of technology in education, it prompted me to write a blog post about a meeting I attended whilst on prac. On a pupil free day which I was involved in, we had 2 primary school teachers come into the history staff room and discuss how they integrate ipads into the classroom. I found this really interesting because while I was in school, the only ICT i can recall is either a typewriter or a computer practicing power points etc. The teachers explained that they use ipads for approx 75% of their day and students/parents choose whether or not they’d like to be in an ipad class. I think having one dedicated class for ipads is a really good idea and believe it would be beneficial for students to be in this class. I think working on ipads can often make things easier to understand for students (using apps) and also quicker (not writing things down in notebooks).

BYO Device

While on prac, the shcool I was at were about to introduce the introduction to BYO “device” program to the school. The program allows students to bring any device such as a laptop, ipad, tablet etc to do their work on and move forward in ICT/Technology future in schools. There were some teachers at the school who were skeptical about the program because it meant harder lesson planning due to some student shaving i pads and some not. I agree with the teachers who were skeptical as it would make it very difficult and possibly double the workload to cater for students who do not bring a device. More info on BYO Device can be found here with NSW Edu.

My Favourite Lesson on Prac

Whilst on prac, I was required to teach a year 8 History lesson in prep for their exam. On their exam they were required to write paragraphs and be able to identify bias through text. My mentor provided me with lesson that he had saved which was the Simpson Bias lesson (a well known lesson going around teachers).. I found a copy here. The students thoroughly engaged the lesson as they could easily relate to what was happening e.g why are we biased towards Mr Burns? Why would we believe Bart over Mr Burns? This is an awesome resource which I will try to implement in the future and have already shared it with some fellow prac students :).

Appreciation Post

I got the idea of an appreciation post from Riss‘s blog and thought I would express my gratification for my mentor on edc3100 prac. By far my mentor was the best I have had to date and provided me with the most beneficial feedback.  I feel that I’ve learnt ALOT of behaviour management skills as well as tips and tricks on how to build rapport more easily.  I created an awesome bond with my mentor and could relate to him on a friendly level rather than strictly professional. I am hoping to return to this school nd this mentor for my final year of prac as I can see it substantially aiding my professional career.

Behaviour Management

This blog written by Liz prompted me to write a blog post regarding behaviour management as I feel that this is something that greatly improved on my edc3100 prac. While the students at my placement school were quite well behaved, I did have some issues with particular students and one whole grade 9 class. The biggest improvement was my ability to take authority of the class and I did this by changing my language. Instead of saying “please stop doing this”  I can change discussions to “stop doing that, okay thanks”. This allows students to know that I am not ASKING them to stop their behaviour but i am expecting them to change it and thanking them for it. I felt that learning names also helped greatly with behaviour management as students appreciate someone knowing who they are, but I can also directly address them if behaviour correction is required.